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Our Customers

Mt. Stuart Kittitas County Dairy and Ag, IA West Studios At Calaway we work directly with our customers which allows us to develop business relationships based on understanding. The necessity to stay in direct contact with our customers is the same today as it was when we started. This relationship is imperative because both of our businesses rely on timely, open, and honest communications not only about products, but the current economy around the world.

We improved the efficiency of our organization with the implementation of a custom designed software solution for agricultural export businesses. This business tool allows us to administer the intricacies of procurement, receiving, processing, shipping, documentation, and accounting to ensure visibility and traceability throughout the purchase. Our reputation is based on fulfilling contractual obligations to our customers including on-time delivery, quality assurance, and product availability.
The export business is a multifaceted network of intricate functions which all come together in order for our customers to receive their commodities on-time and at the best possible price. Transportation costs are constantly changing as the economy shifts to match supply and demand. Our customer service staff works hard to manage these costs and keep them as low as possible. One way we accomplish this is through effective intermodal planning and carrier rate negotiations.

Since Calaway Trading doesn't consume any of the products we promote, effectively servicing our customers is what has allowed us to remain one of the leading hay exporters. We are confident once you learn more about our company, work with our staff, and we clearly identify your expectations we can meet your needs today, tomorrow, and well into the future.
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Our Suppliers

Timothy Windrows Drying Kittitas County, IA West Studios Calaway Trading is one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest hay exporters and this tradition continues today because of the relationships we have cultivated and nurtured with our suppliers. Calaway products are sourced from generations of growers whose objective is to cultivate the finest quality agricultural crops.

Our commodities are procured from the western states including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California. If you are interested in working with Calaway Trading please contact one of our procurement managers to arrange a field visit.

We are dedicated to meeting the expectations of our customers which originates at the source, our suppliers. Calaway makes every effort to offer our suppliers the best prices for their crops.
Agricultural commodities often see a volatile swing in prices driven by supply and demand within the U.S. and international markets. Partnering with you, the supplier, we may offer ideas in which to improve the overall quality, as well as minimize potential damage. By working together we can protect our investments, supply commodity volumes, and endure market volatility.

An agreement is generated for each purchase detailing description, quantities, terms, and agreed upon pricing. Additionally, moving forward the agreement tracks fulfillments, estimated values, and remaining balances.
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